Welcome to Gymnasium Villa Elisabeth,

a private secondary school acknowledged by the state of Brandenburg!

Since the year 2000 international students have been offered the chance by Privatschulen Villa Elisabeth to attend our Gymnasium Villa Elisabeth in Wildau. More than 100 students from many different countries, e.g. China, Indonesia, Russia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico and the USA, have successfully attended Gymnasium Villa Elisabeth for the last 15 years.

International students and their German hosts have become friends for life and learned a lot about each other. The international flair can be seen not only in everyday school life but as well as in the many different languages the school offers either as a regular subject or as an extracurricular activity:

  • English
  • French
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Icelandic
  • For our international students a course German as a foreign language is part of the curriculum.

Students from abroad can choose between one semester or two semesters attending our Gymnasium aiming at an improvement of their ability in the German language as well as getting some idea about the German education system and our everyday life.
For those who want to pass the German Abitur examinations we offer a special programme which starts either in class 9 or class 10 depending on the applicant’s age and knowledge of German.
Having passed Abitur examinations successfully at the end of class 12 our international students as well as their German classmates can apply at any German or European university.
As language of instruction is German the applicant should have a knowledge of German at B2-level.

International students that need a visa to study at our school will be supported by us in the visa application process. All the necessary documents will be provided by the school. Our competent partners can offer support even in your mother country.

German students of Gymnasium Villa Elisabeth that plan to take part in an international exchange programme will be supported by our school staff as well.

If you have got any further questions about our programme or you want to be enrolled at Gymnasium Villa Elisabeth, please, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or mail.
We will provide you with more detailed information then.